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International arrest order request to Ivan Duque and member of his government for violation of the human right

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PorRosalba Alarcón Peña

May 30, 2021

Colombia | The international foundation of human rights has requested this Saturday, the international arrest order against Ivan Duque Colombian president, and some of the member’s team of his government for the intensity and extent of rape of the human right in the Nacional manifestation that began on april 28 of 2021.

According to the foundation, there are more than 3405 cases of violence police, disaggregated as follows:  16 murders by public forces; else, 27 cases under investigation; 1445 arbitrary arrest, 648 violent intervention; 175 cases of hurts by guns of which 47 lesions in the eyes grave of the; 22 cases of sexual attacks; 179 cases of attack to reporters; 346 people missing against their will.

According about the data, the International Human Rights Foundation adds documented cases of human rights violations such as extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, selective assassinations of social leaders, and non-collaboration with Human Rights organizations.

The foundation also denounces the censorship of the national press, and social networks, attacks to the freedom of the press, making of false news; layoffs of social activists, and use of military means against the exercise of peaceful protest.

They consider that these human rights violations are contemplated in the Rome Statute, international conventions and treaties.

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Rosalba Alarcón Peña

Rosalba Alarcón Peña, periodista y Defensora de Derechos Humanos, directora del portal web alcarajo.org y la Corporación Puentes de Paz "voces para la vida". Además, analista y columnista del conflicto armado de su país natal (Colombia) en medios internacionales. Redes sociales. Twitter: @RosalbaAP_ Facebook. Rosalba Alarcón Peña Contacto: rosalba@alcarajo.org

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